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Natural singing gives voice to our soul!

Combining Art & Education

Labeling my style of music is far from settled. I work in diverse styles — jazz, rock, folk, classical, opera — so it may sound odd that what impacts my work the most is silence, nature, and an absolutely positive atmosphere in my everyday life. Living in these conditions, I find sympathetic vibrations, and my ideas spring forth.

Musical culture

Being a part of musical culture — as a musician and more importantly, as a listener — nourishes my sense of being in tune with the Earth.

Every moment is a new vibration, a new resonation, channeling new ideas and new messages from the universe.

My music is based on contact with nature. To access a natural, present musical moment within the group, I encourage students to center themselves away from the noise and distraction of technology and stressful day-to-day activities.

Lessons include breath training, vocal or instrumental scales and exercises, polyphony and overtone technique, circle singing, choral songs, improvisation, and (most importantly!) listening to the spaces in between the sounds of the woods. Our gatherings adapt to the capabilities of each student, focus on individual expression, and through our shared space develop each participants’ unique vocal or instrumental message.

As your guide, I encourage you to separate your abilities from your fears, to take baby steps and giant leaps, to learn many different approaches, styles, and techniques, and to play with everything you learn as freely as a child.

– Iva Bittova


Despite all my educational experiences, my performance of solo violin and voice is mostly improvisation which is the liberated vibration of my present being.

Live, human-to-human, creative musical process brings power to the planet. It is extremely important for new voices to emerge and resonate and for us to listen to nature as our major source of inspiration.

Teaching Philosophy

Throughout human history the voice has been a carrier of knowledge and tradition, an accompaniment to courtship, child-rearing, manual labor and ritual, and the clearest indicator of the bearerʼs spiritual state. Around the world these factors have led to myriad modes of expression. At Žingora School of Voice we dig beneath the surface of styles to uncover the individualʼs truest embodiment of their own voice. As such, lessons are individually tailored to each student’s needs and goals. Students of all ages and levels of experience are welcomed. Lessons may include breath training, vocal or instrumental scales and exercises, polyphony and overtone technique, harmony and composition, music theory, diction, vocal coaching, repertoire selection, improvisation, and (most importantly!) listening deeply.

Zingora Vocal School

Rhinebeck, New York, USA, CZ, EUROPE


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